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Jan 2014 Transplant No 2


An allogenic transplant is a reduced intensity (mini allo) transplant using low dose chemo and low dose radiotherapy to condition and damp down the host’s immune system enough to be ready to receive new donor stem cells. It’s these new stem cells that create a new immune system and it’s this that works on the myeloma cells.

The graft versus myeloma is observed to be taking place by seeing some GVHD ( graft versus host disease).

Chris’s donor is a 41 year old male from Birmingham, we are able to contact him after 2 years.

March 2013 Transplant No 1

This is our blog which was set up to document Chris’s progress during and after his transplant. Dr Cavet said Chris’s myeloma was Tenacious so we looked up the definition and thought the description suited the owner of the myeloma too – game on –

persistent – tough – stubborn – dogged – obstinate

Chris is lucky enough to have a perfect match donor and will hopefully be having tandem transplants of an auto (own cells) followed by a mini allo (donor cells).

So what is this ? a bit of science for you.

He has already had chemotherapy to stablise his levels. This was then followed by the collection and storage of specific blood cells called stem cells, which are in the freezer till needed. Then very high doses of chemotherapy (melphalan) are given.

The aim of the high-dose therapy is toremove any residual myeloma cells. However, this treatment also kills normal healthy cells in the bone marrow. Therefore, after high-dose therapy, re-infusion of healthy stem cells is required which effectively ‘rescues’ the bone marrow, allowing blood cell production to continue.

During the time in hospital and for a good while after Chris’s immune system will be very compromised. Visitors to the hospital will be kept to a minimum and co-ordinated by me. Please do not show up at the hospital either. We would ask that if you have been ill or been near anyone who has been ill with a cough, cold, infection of any kind, that you don’t see us. This is extremely important for his recovery as the slightest bug or germ can be serious for him.


13 Responses to About

  1. Julie Veevers says:

    Hi Pughy’s,
    Chris is in are thoughts as of course are you Cameron and Olivia. If there is anything you need doing even if it is just doing your ironing please let me know. We will get together with Lisa once you have Chris settled. Much love and kisses us Veevers/Gethings (Julie and Jimmy)

    • Lisa Waters says:

      Hi Both,

      The definition of tenacious made me laugh out loud!!!! As Julie has said, let us know if you need anything – I am sorry but the offer does NOT extend to ironing!!!! You know that we will all do everything we can to help Chris have a speedy recovery – Much love Lisa, Dave, Beth and Imogen xx

  2. RAY NURNEY says:

    Tenacious is bang on and that is why he will beat the cancer our thoughts are with you all everyday and if there is anything we can do were just a phone call away. Hope to be able to see you soon mate Ive got a pork pie with your name on it, well it might not be the one i’ve got now as I will probably eat it but I will get you one when I come to visit. Kepp up the fight.

    FF and Laugh alot.

  3. Karen Hall says:

    Well I finally did it realised when I read your text the ‘S’ was very important so I,m on your blog (if that’s the right phrase) me & technology are useless so are my typing skills which are one fingered so I could be here for a while! The title of your blog is brilliant & let’s be honest everyone who knows & loves you knows every word is spot on! Julie,s offered to do the ironing that’s good cause I don,t even do my own that’s a Maureen job but if it’s a shephers pie or anything with mince I,m your woman. It goes without saying you know where I am for anything. Anytime Chris you want a foot massage I,m ready with the oil! Well the transplant has started & we all know it’s going to be tough for all of you but you,ve got loads of family & friends that love you & will be thinking of you. If that alone could get you better you wouldn’t,t even need to be there. I know I,m waffling now so I,m going to go
    Love always Kaz Gaz Liam & Jess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Maria says:

    Hi Christine and Chris (Chris I work with Christine in case you don’t know) hope everything is going well, your time in school has rubbed off to use a word like that; the English dept will be very impressed, Can’t offer to do your ironing or make you a Shepherds Pie; how about soup Christine? Love to you both xx Maria xxx

  5. Tracey corbett says:

    Hi chris thinking about u love trace xxx

  6. Jan says:

    This is the first time Chris has been susceptible to bugs. As all who know and love him will agree if anyone bugs him they usually get sent packing pretty damn quick!!
    I’m known for big words so here’s a new one to describe you – magnaminious. Look it up Chris. I’m determined to improve your mind whilst you are temporarily laid up. When you are allowed visitors I’ll be over with a month’s supply of the Economist. You can use them to cover up your motorbike and girly mags if you want.
    Love and hugs from us all xxxxx

  7. The Caseys says:

    Hi Chris & Christing been keeping up your brilliant blog. Jon says you were in good spirits on Monday, as ever! We looked up magnaminious and it is a perfect description of you! Keep on smiling xxxxx Love the Caseys xxxxx

  8. kath casey says:

    hi chris heard things are going well for you hope to see you on your motorbike wizzing down anson smooth very soon love toyou and christine cameron and oliver . p.s.hope ive done this blog right ? bob and kath xxx

  9. Pat Taylor says:

    Fantastic blog Christine, love to you all, I am sure Chris is as stubborn as El, so he will fight all the way. We know you have a fantastic family and great friends behind you but if you need anything please you in box us.

  10. Matt, Louise, Sam. Max, Maisie Cole says:

    Hi Chris, iv just been reading all about your illness and treatment you are going through, I didn’t know about this blog till weekend when someone mentioned it at the cricket, we had no idea what you have been going through, we new you had been poorly but not to this extent, we just want to say as a family we wish you Christine, Cameron and Olivia, our very best wishes, lots of love to you all xxx mat, Louise, Sam, Max and Maisie xx

  11. Mark with the golf says:

    Good to see that things are all going well.hope to see you back in the shop.

  12. The Caseys says:

    Hi Chris had tea with your lovely wife & the lovely Soulla last night. Sorry to hear you were feeling unwell? Your blog is brilliant, funny just like you!!! Hope you soon start to feel better and are able escape ‘Solitary Confinement’ for a little while at least. Take Care xxxxx

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