Chris’s World Famous Charity Ball

£13,458.00 was the final figure we raised from the bike ride. An amazing amount raised by a fabulous group of people. We’ve made new friends and got fit, a perfect and fitting tribute for Chris.

Thanks to all who sponsored us. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Re above title, not sure that’s the actual name yet but it’s a starting point. 

The ball is booked for;

Friday 6th May 2016 at Gorton Monastery, a stunningly beautiful venue, perfect for the first anniversary.

I will put further details on here as and when we decide them, but wanted to promote the date for those of you who want to come so you can get it in the diary.

We are very lucky to have an event sponsor, Silverchip a young web design company who are doing fantastically well have so generously offered to support us. It should be a fab night with music, food, auction, casino and lots more. A great excuse to dress up too.

I wouldn’t wish what me and the kids are going through on a daily basis on my worst enemy but we are battling through and I know we will all be ok in the end.

The last five years since Chris was diagnosed have been life changing, it’s so unfair that he got this disease and that he lost his life because of it at such a young age. I’ve definitely lost sight of who I am during this period and just immersed myself as carer/mother/breadwinner with every bit of energy put getting Chris better. He would have done the same for me I’m sure.

 Doing the bike ride in summer was a step in right direction and I’ve now got all the time in the world to try and find things to do that are just for me. Chris was really good at making time for doing the things he loved, so I’ll take his lead.

The kids are doing as well as can be expected, they’re amazing really, we are all just trying to carry on as normal. Cam has done incredibly well with his apprenticeship and Olivia has just done her mock GCSE’s with brilliant results. We are off to Thailand for Xmas , staying with friends in Bangkok then off to the beach for a week,  can’t wait.

Hope you all have a lovely Xmas.
Christine Xxxx

Top tip- Worst question to ask someone who has recently lost a loved one ” How are you” aaaarrrrggghhh  

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One Response to Chris’s World Famous Charity Ball

  1. jan says:

    Onward and upwards as ever. You have come so far and still some way to go, but all doing brilliantly. Have the best holiday ever xxxx

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