The helmets did a great job and what a day !

Here we are after the ride. We have raised over 8k and it’s still coming in. We had an amazing day weather wise not a drop of rain and cool enough but sunny. The atmosphere was fantastic which made the ride all the more enjoyable. We did have a few injuries which was a real shame but thankfully nothing too serious. 

The next effort will be a myeloma ball in May on Chris’s 1st anniversary . This will involve much less physical effort and much more eating and drinking which I hope will appeal to many of you !! Details to follow.

It’s almost 4 months now and we are slowly adjusting to life without Chris, which at times is incredibly hard. We have his birthday coming up and then Christmas, we have decided to clear off to Thailand and do something completely different as staying here will just be too hard for us.

A very brave lady Jane, died this week of Myeloma, she was so helpful to me when Chris had his transplant even though she was ill herself. On a more positive note another friend of Chris’s , Steve was on TV this week as he met his donor after two years post transplant. I’m made up for him and his family and hope he continues to be well for as long as possible.

I will continue to raise funds for Myeloma in Chris’s name. The dream is that they develop better first line drugs so that patients don’t have to go through transplants, I believe Chris would still be here if that were the case.

Christine Xxxxx

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4 Responses to The helmets did a great job and what a day !

  1. Alan birchall says:

    Truly inspirational Christine,CHRIS would be very proud.Congratulations to all who took part and gave their time.

  2. alexbicknell says:

    Thank you Christine, for all you are doing rasing money to fight mm. I was thinking about Chris this morning, and checked in here. I hope, if the time comes for me, that my family will be able to move on with as much dignity and good sense as yours are. I can only imagine what it must be like for you. I guess I just admire your strength.

    • Thanks Alex, great to hear from you, and thank you for your kind words. I read from your blog the latest news,. Its a waiting game that I know only too well. You feel well which is great and make the most as I’m sure you will. I will keep raising funds in Chris’s memory and for you guys with pleasure, the next is a ball in May to mark the first anniversary without Chris.

  3. jan says:

    It’s weird- some days it feels as if he’s still here- something happens and you think ‘Chris would have loved/hated that`. We had a big party last week and I intended to say something about the fact that he wasn’t there, but weirdly it felt as if he was so I didn’t say anything . I could almost hear him taking the piss out of Mike.. I don’t know where Christine Cameron and Olivia get the strength from but it is inspirational to see. I am so proud of them and love them more than words can say. I am also blown away by their wonderful friends who have surrounded them with love and drop everything when they are needed without a second thought. The worst of times brings out the best in people.

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