Hurrah for the Helmets

Well the news from the helmet camp is all good. The big ride is just over two weeks away.Our regular twice weekly training sessions are going from strength to strength and we are covering more miles and tackling hills under the watchful eye of our Chief Helmet Webby who is also known as Herr Helmet and Kommendant amongst other things I couldn’t print.

The pic below was taken half way through our biggest ride to Tatton Park which was rewarded with a coffee and cake. Our numbers have grown every week and we have all been pretty amazed at how far we have come since the start.

We have embraced this challenge with a mix of emotions, fear, hysteria, pain, joy and relief but determination has seen us through most of the hurdles. None of us would have got this far on our own it’s a team effort and for me has been an amazing experience and one which we all intend to carry on with once the big ride is over but with more emphasis on stopping at pubs and drinking !

Chris would be well impressed ( amazed in some cases) with our efforts, as someone who thrived on the buzz of exercise whether it was running, cycling or just a good brisk walk. During our rides I think about him all the time, often I cry, sometimes I’m angry and take out my frustration on the bike, other times I start off really sad and end up feeling much better for the fresh air and distraction. I know he would say “go on Slim keep going, give it your best”  I certainly will Pughy. 

 If you would like to donate there is a direct link on the home page of the blog, we also have a Facebook page “Bunch of Helmets”

Christine Xxxx

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One Response to Hurrah for the Helmets

  1. Julie Veevers says:

    You all did so well and all for a great cause close to your heart. xxxxx

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