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On the up

Quick update Went to The Christie today with Chris. Platelets increased from the scary 10 of last Friday to 22 Hurray !! Neutrophils still holding their own at 2.4 So….. for the first time since leaving hospital he didn’t need … Continue reading

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Webbalicious Chocolate Cake !!

Evidence that the chocolate cake Jade promised did arrive. It didn’t stay like that for long as you can imagine. It was delicious and she even researched the best fruit for helping to generate red blood cells. Thanks Jade Xxxx

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A trip to Blackburn with the footy……day 35-36

Friday wasn’t a particularly good day, I went to see all my mates and staff at Christies. I gave my blood like you do then started talking to a couple of folk who I’ve become friendly with who have the … Continue reading

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Houston we have a problem !

Going to keep this brief just to update you. Chris’s appt on Friday wasn’t a good one. Basically the new stem cells are not performing as they should and the consultant wants to do a bone marrow biopsy (which isn’t … Continue reading

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Ishamagwayway……….. Day 34

A bit of a busy one today. I still feel shocking but feel some sense of recovery. So today I decided to get in the car and go mooching……. First stop was ” Chris,s World Famous Barbershop” ™. It was … Continue reading

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Day 33 – Techno techno baby

Chris attempted a post but the keypad was in Spanish for some reason so he lost interest short attention span to blame. Fixed that now so might as well give you the low down. The first of his twice weekly … Continue reading

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Day 29-31 myelomas not funny…..

Well I awoke yesterday morning feeling really shitty, which really hasn’t been unusual for the last few weeks. I had ordered some new fence panels and I knew they were coming and I wasn’t looking forward to all the palaver. … Continue reading

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