Chris’s World Famous Charity Ball

Here are details of the forthcoming ball to raise funds for Myeloma UK and celebrate Chris’s life on his 1st anniversary.

If you would like to support us you can do so in the following ways;

– attend the ball as a guest get dressed up in your best tuxedo/ball gown have a great night.

– be a sponsor by either placing an ad in the event program or providing an auction prize.

– sell raffle tickets, prizes are an Ipad, spa break and Porsche driving experience.

Send me a message if you would like further details on any of the above.

Christine Xxxx

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Chris’s World Famous Charity Ball

£13,458.00 was the final figure we raised from the bike ride. An amazing amount raised by a fabulous group of people. We’ve made new friends and got fit, a perfect and fitting tribute for Chris.

Thanks to all who sponsored us. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Re above title, not sure that’s the actual name yet but it’s a starting point. 

The ball is booked for;

Friday 6th May 2016 at Gorton Monastery, a stunningly beautiful venue, perfect for the first anniversary.

I will put further details on here as and when we decide them, but wanted to promote the date for those of you who want to come so you can get it in the diary.

We are very lucky to have an event sponsor, Silverchip a young web design company who are doing fantastically well have so generously offered to support us. It should be a fab night with music, food, auction, casino and lots more. A great excuse to dress up too.

I wouldn’t wish what me and the kids are going through on a daily basis on my worst enemy but we are battling through and I know we will all be ok in the end.

The last five years since Chris was diagnosed have been life changing, it’s so unfair that he got this disease and that he lost his life because of it at such a young age. I’ve definitely lost sight of who I am during this period and just immersed myself as carer/mother/breadwinner with every bit of energy put getting Chris better. He would have done the same for me I’m sure.

 Doing the bike ride in summer was a step in right direction and I’ve now got all the time in the world to try and find things to do that are just for me. Chris was really good at making time for doing the things he loved, so I’ll take his lead.

The kids are doing as well as can be expected, they’re amazing really, we are all just trying to carry on as normal. Cam has done incredibly well with his apprenticeship and Olivia has just done her mock GCSE’s with brilliant results. We are off to Thailand for Xmas , staying with friends in Bangkok then off to the beach for a week,  can’t wait.

Hope you all have a lovely Xmas.
Christine Xxxx

Top tip- Worst question to ask someone who has recently lost a loved one ” How are you” aaaarrrrggghhh  

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The helmets did a great job and what a day !

Here we are after the ride. We have raised over 8k and it’s still coming in. We had an amazing day weather wise not a drop of rain and cool enough but sunny. The atmosphere was fantastic which made the ride all the more enjoyable. We did have a few injuries which was a real shame but thankfully nothing too serious. 

The next effort will be a myeloma ball in May on Chris’s 1st anniversary . This will involve much less physical effort and much more eating and drinking which I hope will appeal to many of you !! Details to follow.

It’s almost 4 months now and we are slowly adjusting to life without Chris, which at times is incredibly hard. We have his birthday coming up and then Christmas, we have decided to clear off to Thailand and do something completely different as staying here will just be too hard for us.

A very brave lady Jane, died this week of Myeloma, she was so helpful to me when Chris had his transplant even though she was ill herself. On a more positive note another friend of Chris’s , Steve was on TV this week as he met his donor after two years post transplant. I’m made up for him and his family and hope he continues to be well for as long as possible.

I will continue to raise funds for Myeloma in Chris’s name. The dream is that they develop better first line drugs so that patients don’t have to go through transplants, I believe Chris would still be here if that were the case.

Christine Xxxxx

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Hurrah for the Helmets

Well the news from the helmet camp is all good. The big ride is just over two weeks away.Our regular twice weekly training sessions are going from strength to strength and we are covering more miles and tackling hills under the watchful eye of our Chief Helmet Webby who is also known as Herr Helmet and Kommendant amongst other things I couldn’t print.

The pic below was taken half way through our biggest ride to Tatton Park which was rewarded with a coffee and cake. Our numbers have grown every week and we have all been pretty amazed at how far we have come since the start.

We have embraced this challenge with a mix of emotions, fear, hysteria, pain, joy and relief but determination has seen us through most of the hurdles. None of us would have got this far on our own it’s a team effort and for me has been an amazing experience and one which we all intend to carry on with once the big ride is over but with more emphasis on stopping at pubs and drinking !

Chris would be well impressed ( amazed in some cases) with our efforts, as someone who thrived on the buzz of exercise whether it was running, cycling or just a good brisk walk. During our rides I think about him all the time, often I cry, sometimes I’m angry and take out my frustration on the bike, other times I start off really sad and end up feeling much better for the fresh air and distraction. I know he would say “go on Slim keep going, give it your best”  I certainly will Pughy. 

 If you would like to donate there is a direct link on the home page of the blog, we also have a Facebook page “Bunch of Helmets”

Christine Xxxx

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Pedale Pour Pughy

Or bike ride for Chris ! ,
Do you remember the epic London to Paris cycle our friend Webby did with Arthur in 2013 for Myeloma UK ?  Well this is part deux ! Do you see what he did there !
Here’s the challenge;
Sunday 13th September Manchester 100k cycle
Wythenshawe Park

We would love as many people as possible to join us. I am way out of my comfort zone but going to give it a go. Chris did several 100k rides so he is my motivation to keep going. Training has already started with Webby leading the pack we’ve just done 30miles at the Sky Ride today by doing 3 laps of the circuit.


It’s great to get out in the fresh air, get fit and have a laugh. So far there are about 15 of us signed up.
If you want to join us send me your email address and Webby will add you to the list. If you can help please donate there is a link on the main page to our Just Giving page.

Christine X

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Ramblings of a mad woman

My counsellor has encouraged me to get my thoughts down on paper , well this is the nest best thing to paper. 

I saw this on Facebook and sent it to the kids it’s as good as a mantra that I can come up with at the moment. I hope to god it’s true.

I’ve always been an optimist and I’m determined to stay that way but it’s very hard. People say don’t be on your own but I can feel as lonely with people as I can on my own. 

We’ve just come back from a week in Portugal , a place I’ve had many happy times with Chris and the kids. I took Olivia and her friends known as ” KLED ” and my besties. Cam and George stayed a couple of miles away and visited us every other day and had us in stitches with their stories and general shenanigans. We all had a good time , lots of laughs, a few tears and many Super Bocks and G & T’s.

It’s the simple things that get you. We’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building and down the Seine in Paris but what I wouldn’t give just to feel his hand in mine or hear that laugh.

Oh well off to bed as I’ve got a bike ride to do in the morning. I’ll post again tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it .

Christine X

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Life goes on

Never a truer statement. 8 weeks since we lost Chris. Everything goes on just the same as it did before yet nothing is the same. We’ve all jumped back on the routine bus and yes it helps to get some normality.
The funny thing about grief is that it sneaks up on you and you are powerless to fight it.
It must be your brain getting you used to the idea by reminding you that person is no longer here. I have days where I’m actually quite positive and hopeful and can think about him and smile and laugh, then others when it hits me like an actual punch and I hold my breath till it passes.

My biggest source of pain is for the kids. He would have been a brilliant guiding influence for them. He had a really good instinct about things and was always the one that would be the bad cop and used to say he didn’t want to be their friend,  his job was much more important than  that, he was their Dad and had to try and shape them into good human beings. Maybe someone else in our circle will be that for them, I really hope so. Or have they learnt enough from him to last them.

It’s very tough for us all and made even tougher by the way he died. Mental illness is something we know very little about and I know only too well that not enough importance is given to treating it. We were so focused on treating the cancer that we lost Chris somewhere in the midst of all the poison his body was taking in.  I knew he was the polar opposite of himself but believed that as his body healed his mind would follow. The extent of his misery is now obvious but none of us realised it and that is hard to accept.
That he believed we would be better off without him is even harder to comprehend.

We recently put his ashes in with his beloved Mum at the family grave, now I understand how people need to believe that the person is still with us somehow and not simply gone. I totally get that.

Christine Xxxxxxx

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